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Prior to the commencement of a Utility Survey it is a good option to acquire plans from all the statutory bodies. This will aid the quality of the survey and may also flag up services that cant be located (for whatever reason.) We here at Amber Utilities have contact within the utility supply and infrastructure industry, consequently we can quickly identify those statutory undertakers and other entities which may have buried services and therefore an interest in any specific locality.

Some clients may not require a utility survey but may need to know what is underground. Amber Utilities can source record information relating to the presence of existing underground pipes, this can then be digitised onto a Cad plan or simply made into one single document. Amber Utilities offer a standalone competitive ‘fixed fee’ utility record search service.

  • Identify all affected utility providers
  • Make all necessary applications
  • Provide you with copies of all applications and correspondence
  • Follow up and if necessary ‘chase’ providers for their returns
  • Keep you informed on application and return progress
  • Collate all returns into a single presentation
  • Offer a competitive ‘fixed fee’ service
  • We now contact Zetica UXO Unexploded bombs and the Environmental Agency for Flood Reports
  • For an additional fee we offer Coal Mining and Tin Mining Reports

We are happy to offer a free of charge quote for any site. If you would like a quote please contact us via email including the site address and a site plan:

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