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PAS-128 Services

PAS128 is rapidly becoming and integral part of Underground Utility Mapping, the document aims to raise the standards within the Utility Survey industry. At Amber Utilities we fully support the implementation of PAS 128, to enhance and professionalise the industry.

Below are the classification levels we are able to offer as part of our PAS 128 service.


PAS 128 Survey Category Type D

Underground utility plotted from utility record data only (not detected by geophysical methods). This survey can also be offered as part of our Desktop service

PAS 128 Survey Category Type C

Underground utility plotted from utility record data only, but with site reconnaissance to match utility record with physical utility street furniture as a best fit.

PAS 128 Survey Category Type B

Utility detected by geophysical methods (single or multiple) to obtain a horizontal position and/or vertical position.  (Depth) For the positional accuracy of each QL-B sub category please refer to the accuracy diagram.

PAS 128 Survey Category Type A

Utility verified and positioned by physical identification. This may be by strategically positioned vacuum excavation, hand dug trail pitting or by visual inspection within a utility chamber.


If you are interested in finding out more about our PAS 128 services, please get in touch and one of our members of staff will be able to talk you through the process.

View the PAS 128 Specification Manual

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